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The diseases of pacman frogsRead more

The diseases of pacman frogs

Horned frogs are generally pretty healthy, but like all animals they can develop illness and get sick. If you are careful of where your purchase your frog, what you feed it, and how you house it, you'll find that in captivity ornate frogs will stay healthy. You want to make sure you are careful about the enclosure and diet of your horned frog because common illnesses to frogs are typically directly attributed to imporoper housing, improper temperatures, poor quality water, dirty substrate, or vitamin/mineral deficiencies.

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Choosing a healthy pet frogRead more

Choosing a healthy pet frog

When selecting a pet frog, you want to make sure that the frog is healthy. It is great to adopt and to want to heal a sick animal, but sometimes, it's more pain and money than it's really worth. If you have the experience and ability, then by all means, adopt a sickly frog and bring it to good health and standing. Otherwise, you want to make sure that the frog that you choose is going to be healthy.

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